October Update

Fans of Spy Monkey Creations, Weaponeers of Monkaa and all things Glyos should head over to the brand new Glyos Connection forums and join the conversation!  It will be THE place to connect with the many fans, friends and creators in our Glyos Universe :)

And if you are looking for some new Spy Monkey gear head over to our brand new Redbubble store!
We not only have Spy Monkey gear w/ our new company logo but Weaponeers of Monkaa gear featuring factions symbols, character art and more!

As for the actual toys we're not out of surprises for 2015 as a new wave of Weaponeers will debut at Designercon this November and go on sale online shortly after!

Lastly we are hard at work on a new brand and toyline for 2016 which will take Spy Monkey into a whole new direction ;)

As always, thanks for your support!

Jeremy & Brian